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Achieve Goals Using Your Own Success Strategies – Shelle’s Top Tips

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Let’s talk about ourselves for just a minute. A lot of people tell me they have tons of stuff that they want to do but they’re not able to get as much done as they would like and I’m not talking about time management issues. It’s about your strategy for achieving and your strategy to avoid dropping things that you really want to do.   Here’s a few tips.

  1. Your Success and Failure Strategies
    Write, jot down a quick list of the things that you’ve actually achieved over the last few months and the things you started to do or wanted to do but didn’t get done.  At a big picture level, can you see any success strategies from the things that you wrote down or any failure strategies that stop you from achieving that?
  1. Level of Importance
    If you have a look at your two lists and you’re able to identify what’s important and what isn’t important to you, do you see any patterns? Are your success strategies the ones you succeeded at more important to you and the other one is less important to you?

  2. Negative Consequences
    Here’s something that I found in my studying of what makes people successful in their goals and how do they avoid falling off the wagon. Well often people who are focused have deadlines and there are negative consequences for not achieving what you wanted to do at the time that you wanted to do it.  So have a check for the things that you succeeded at. Was there a negative consequence or something that you didn’t want to have happen? 

    I remember when I was writing the first draft of my very first book. I gave myself until September to finish the first draft.  The beginning of September arrived and guess what? I had a whole pile of courses and training and consulting lined up. The negative consequence would have been I wouldn’t have been able to get back at that book for months and that was something I really wanted to avoid.  So if you’ve got a negative consequence that you really want to avoid, that’s going to help you be more focused to be more motivated.

So my question to you is do you have lots of things that you’d like to be more successful at doing? Would you like to avoid having to put them off or just live with the fact that you didn’t do them?

Check out my mini E-Book. It’s called Wishing, Wanting and Achieving.

If you go to http://www.WishingWantingAchieving.com you will get this very short E-Book that will tell you how to model your own success in more detail so that you can find out exactly all your own success strategies. It also comes with a free MP3 download that you can listen to that’s going to help you focus and achieve more success and avoid having to live with the things that you didn’t do.  Hope this helps.

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Do You Dislike Setting Goals?

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Here it is January — again! Another new year with all the information about goal setting and why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work.

But what if this is the year when you really want to

  • make a contribution to your world, or
  • make a difference or
  • do something that matters?

If you want a different kind of year, I suggest that you don’t follow the same old goal-setting or goal-avoiding patterns as all the other years.

Most goal-setting processes don’t work, because over 40% of the population are not motivated by goals. Motivation is the problem!

This isnt’t the first time I’ve said that most people don’t like setting goals — and for a very good reason! 

The problem is not whether a specific goal is motivating or not. If setting and working diligently to achieve goals makes you want to stick your finger down your throat, you are not alone.

That’s why I created a short audio program called Wishing, Wanting and Achieving to help you figure out your own success strategies and many, many people enjoyed listening to it.

“I just went through your strategies in Wishing, Wanting and Achieving. As usual it was most helpful. Thanks for sharing it. My reason for writing you, is that I am so very impressed with you, for what you have designed (and are still designing) for the rest of us mere mortals. Keep up the good work.”

Bill Huckabee, Pennsylvania

Wishing, Wanting, and Achieving is excellent. I learned that in order to achieve goals it helps to make them part of what I already do. It also helps to set up a plan as to how the goal can be attained. Thank you so much!”

Trish Belisle, United States

In fact this program was so well-liked that I have also created a Mini E-book  to go with it: Wishing, Wanting and Achieving.

“I can’t thank you enough for this! It has always puzzled me why people don’t achieve goals even if they “really” (as they themselves say it, me included) want to do those things. I only wish that I’ve got my hands on this material earlier. Thanks very much again!”

Elena Kjærsdam, Denmark

Maybe you need something other than the usual goals to help you succeed in 2013!

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It’s only $4.99 and you can download it right away.

Have a fantastic year and make it really different from any year before now. The world needs you!


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Motivating Yourself

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Sometimes the hardest thing for people is finding a way to motivate themselves. They say they want to do something and they don’t do it. One of the most important things about  motivating yourself and staying motivated is to know your own motivation triggers.

For those of you who know me, you know a lot about my book, “Words That Change Minds” which talks about all these different motivation triggers. But, let’s talk about some specific things that are important to you but you have trouble either getting motivated or staying motivated.

Most people’s long term goals don’t give them immediate satisfaction, but the critical action times for motivating yourself are in the here and now. If you want to get fit, for example, and every day you decide you’re going to get up and go for a run. I’m talking about this because this is something that I do and some days I don’t do, every day is the important piece for your long term goal of getting fit. But how do you motivate yourself to get out of bed when you’re actually comfortable? Or how do you keep motivating yourself to stick to the nutrition routine that you’ve decided for your long term goal? I’m learning the German language and I have a lesson every week, and I need to put in more time. How do I succeed at motivating myself to do that?

Let’s look at a couple of things. Sometimes people have goals, but they don’t get started. And the reason they don’t get started is they think the goal is important, but it’s not urgent enough to do now. So they have a “toward” pattern in that they want to move towards the goal, but nothing makes it happen right now.

There’s nothing that makes you do something right now like an emergency or something that’s urgent. So if you don’t get started on the goal that’s important to you, it’s because you haven’t figured out what you want to move “away from”.

Let’s just take an example that I’ve lived a few times and that is I decide I would have a new weight, a lower weight. So I set my weight goal and I start to move towards it. Why not? Well, what I need is an image in my head of what I don’t want to make it an emergency.

Instead I need to get up, and look in the mirror– before I get stressed and say, “Ack!” Now that’s an emergency, right? That will get me started on a new routine of walking and running and a new nutrition program, etc. But the problem with goals that you do because you want to move away from a problem, is if you go, “Ack! I don’t want to look like that. Ack! I don’t want to feel like that,” is you have a very strong motivation at the beginning, but it doesn’t hold.

So if you want to keep motivating yourself every day, you need to have something to move away from and something to move towards. So here’s another trick: if you’re trying to continue motivating yourself just by talking to yourself, it’s usually not strong enough. You need to create an image in your mind of both of what you don’t want and what you do want.

What you don’t want will push you away and what you do want will draw you towards your goal. So if you have both of those motivation types, “the away from” and the “toward”, that’s even stronger.

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Here are a couple of other tips. If you have a set process that you incorporate into your day, chances are you will remember to follow it. Particularly, if you have your “toward”, your “away from” and your “toward image”  set up so that you can move towards.

Now, how do you do that? Everybody has rituals. Put your new behavior or the thing you want to do inside one of the rituals or procedures that you already follow. So let’s say I’d like to take vitamins. Well, if I put the vitamins away in the cupboard, every morning I go and make my breakfast, I don’t even remember to take those vitamins.

I want this motivation thing to be easy. I don’t want to feel like I’m pushing a rock every day. So how do you do the vitamin thing in an easy way? Well, if you have tea or coffee in the morning, put the vitamins beside the kettle or in the teapot or in a coffee pot. When you see that, you’ll also see the vitamins much easier, no effort to remember.

The easiest way to have a new behavior and maintain it once you have the motivation pieces in place is to insert the new behavior inside a process or a procedure that you already do.

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Do you hate setting goals?

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You have probably read, heard, and seen lots of information about the benefits of setting goals. Maybe you have even created a vision board and achieved the things you visualized.

Most people don’t set goals — and for a very good reason! 

Most goal-setting processes don’t work.

Years ago when I started teaching the NLP Outcome Strategy in companies, people would come up to me, months or years later and whisper in my ear: “I tried that goal process. It didn’t work. I don’t know why.”

This got me to thinking! How many times have I set an intention, visualized it, wrote it down, worked toward it but never achieved it? For each year for about 15 years I set the goal of achieving a certain weight. Have you seen me lately :-)?

So what is the issue that plagues so many people? It is not usually a problem of knowledge or skill — if you only needed to find out how to do something to be successful, most people would accomplish what they wanted.

Did you know that over 40% of the population are not motivated by goals? Motivation is the problem!  

I am not even talking about whether a specific goal is motivating or not. If setting and working diligently to achieve specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, ecological goals makes you want to stick your finger down your throat, you are not alone.

A few years ago, I created a short audio program called Wishing, Wanting and Achieving to help people figure out their own success strategies.

Maybe you need something other than goals to help you succeed!   

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 I wish you much happiness, health and success Shelle!


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