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World Shift 2011 Version 1.0

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The events in the Arab world and beyond are advancing so quickly that it is difficult to write coherently about what is really happening. There are clearly many elements involved, technological, political, cultural, sociological, physical and psychological underpinning and supporting what is unfolding. It defies a simple analysis, but I would like to share my thoughts about the psychological aspects of these revolutionary movements.

There is no doubt that without the advanced communication technologies afforded by Facebook and Twitter, the fires of protest would not have spread so quickly. And these technologies were the kindling that made it possible for the peoples of these countries to find out how wealthy people are elsewhere in the world and how many opportunities others have in comparison to themselves. Is it merely a case of the oppressed seizing an opportunity? Why now?

L. Michael Hall PhD suggests in his newsletter[1] that the uprisings are an example of the need for control over one’s life; from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, level 2. Good point. In the NLP community, we often speak of the questions that operate consciously or at a below-conscious level that enable people to take action Continue reading