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Bullying: Bystanders No More

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In Canada over the last few weeks, we have heard the tragic story of a teenager who committed suicide, after being sexually assaulted and then bullied online for over a year. This isn’t the only story about people suffering at the hands of others while bystanders do nothing, or worse encourage the bullying.

Bystanders are being blamed for not intervening and yet, hardly anywhere in all the literature does it tell bystanders exactly what to do. How many times has each one of us witnessed someone behaving inappropriately and not intervened?

And I just can’t stand it any more! I created this video because I believe there is one thing you can do to stop bullying right when it happens.

If you find the information useful, please share it on your Facebook page or wherever you think people need to see it.

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Are you Macho? Of course not, but are you sure?

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Are you Macho? Think about it. Do you find yourself resisting other people’s ideas because you already know all about it? Be honest. I am one of the most Macho people I know. Why just yesterday, someone I respect was giving me good advice about a project I was working on and there I was….. going on as if I knew it all already.

So I’m asking you ….. Continue reading

Influencing & Persuasion – Shelle’s Top Tips

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Many people have difficulty with influencing and persuasion because unconsciously, we tend to use the same strategies on other people that we would like to have other people use on us, and it’s all out of our awareness. Let’s bring a couple of things into your awareness by looking at the Language and Behavior Profile™, which is a tool that I’ve built my best-selling book on; “Words That Change Minds”, and my new book, “The Customer is Bothering Me”. Here are some of the key things you need to do to

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The World Needs LAB Profile

This past week I have been reviewing my accomplishments and challenges over the last years and looking towards my future in my business and personal life. And I noticed that some of what I said was important year after year still remained in the “NOT DONE” basket. What about you?

I re-listened to my audio program called Wishing, Wanting and Achieving. What a great reminder (if I can give myself a compliment) about why we can’t just do some things! And what makes it possible to do other things. If there are no negative consequences for some of our goals, sometimes there is not enough push to do them. 

And as I look outside of myself to what’s happening in the world, in all the countries I visit for my work, and everywhere else I see on the news, I see a world in trouble, with a great need for change. You know the list:

  • Natural disasters
  • People blowing up themselves to kill people they do not know
  • Economic crises that affect real people

and much more.  

And yet some people, organisations and countries are thriving, growing at a phenomenal rate. (Okay some of them are doing it on the backs of cheap labour.) 

But some are really doing things differently, thinking differently, having a unique perspective about what goes on underneath it all. 

This is where I strive to be. I have dedicated my life’s work to helping people break through communication barriers by 

Understanding and respecting what motivates themselves and others.
And getting results that are in everyone’s best interest.

This is why I have put so much of my abilities and time to training people who will go out into the world and make a difference! 

“It would be easy to say great things about Shelle and the LAB Profile Consultant /Trainer program but I will leave you to find that out for yourselves.  What I will say is that I have worked on addressing the legacy of violent conflict and on conflict resolution in N. Ireland, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and this past year in Gaza.  I now know that had I had the skills required for the LAB Profile Consultant & Trainer Certification prior to my work in these countries my interventions would have been of greater benefit to those with whom I shared my experience.  My analysis and thus understanding of individuals/groups through the use of LAB Profile will enhance my conflict resolution interventions.  I believe myself to be better resourced for my life’s purpose.”  – Martin Snoddon, Belfast, Northern Ireland 

I believe that if you work with teams, groups and individuals, you need to be able to offer them something unique that is of compelling value to them, and to make a big difference in their world. 

In this New Economy, in this New World, there are so many issues that need solving, and so many professionals offering their services, why should clients work with you? What are the values, skills and insights that you offer them? 

How can you communicate so that your potential clients really GET what you have to offer? 

If you don’t differentiate yourself with relevant, high value-skills, you may be losing opportunities to those who have something unique to offer. 

This is why I want to talk to you about the LAB Profile Certification. 

You probably already know about the LAB Profile from my books, programs and Shelle’s Top Tips videos. 

I believe that when you uncover the hidden motivations that make people do what they do, you can change anything. This is what LAB Profile skills can help you do. 

Would you like to use these skills to help your clients dramatically improve what they do? Is this the year you look yourself in the eyes and sayYes, I am ready.” 

Check out the LAB Profile Certification: www.LABProfileCertification.com  August 15 to 26, 2011 in Sweden. (Check out our options5 day and 10 day programs!)  

This is THE program that I have developed to make sure that you can: 

  •  help your clients solve their most pressing problems
  •  sell your services to the right clients in the right way
  •  dramatically increase all your revenue streams, by creating your sales strategy
  •  discover unique alternatives and perspectives, instead of doing the same old stuff
  •  learn how to take what you do up several levels
  •  get the satisfaction from knowing you are doing important work that makes a difference 

But don’t believe me (I’m biased!!)  —-  see for yourself what the professionals who attended say about the program! www.labprofilecertification.com   

And if you want to speak to some of them, go to our list of graduates from around the world: 

This program is the highlight of my year because I get to teach motivated, skilled people who want to make a difference. Each year I add new things, new information, better approaches to the program.

Let me know  if you have any questions.
shell[email protected]

 Hope to see you there this August! 


ps.The first 15 registrants for the 10 day program get a free iPad, loaded with my books, the course materials etc.

pps. Feel free to share this information with a friend!

Obama Education Outrage

Today Barack Obama gave a speech which was to be delivered to schools across America. Before the text or the speech was even made public, Republicans had already created a brouhaha as if the President were giving drugs to kids. I believe the outcry was worse than that over Obama’s proposed health care plan. Continue reading

The Feedback Sandwich is Out to Lunch

by Shelle Rose Charvet

Jodi is waiting for Marco to come to her office. Today is feedback day and she has the Feedback Sandwich formula open on her desk.

Marco arrives and plunks himself down in the chair opposite Jodi, submitting himself reluctantly to what is about to occur. “I’m glad you’re here,” says Jodi, getting the ball rolling on an upbeat note. “Let’s talk about your presentation to the team yesterday. You were very enthusiastic about the project’s progress, and I also thought that….” Jodi stops as she notices Marco slumping in his chair, eyes cast downwards. “What’s wrong?” she asks.

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