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Words That Change Minds is everywhere

The new edition of Words That Change Minds continues to go gangbusters with well over 100 downloads and 30 paperbacks shipped per DAY! Unbelievable!

And now, if you’d rather listen to it, while you are travelling or out for a run,
the Audio Version is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Because of all the interest, several publishers have contacted me from China, Brazil and other countries to publish this version. Cool, eh?

And I was recently interviewed on the CashFlow Academy Podcast on Persuasion and you can listen here: https://thecashflowacademy.com/show/ or search for CashFlow Academy on your phone in your Podcasts app.

Here are some of the highlights and where to find them in the recording:

7:24: How Does A Person Begin To Learn The Skill Of Persuasion?
16:40: How Do Selling & Persuading Differ?
29:03: What’s The Best Way To Get Someone To Call You Back?
39:19: How Do You Successfully Deal With An Angry Customer?
44:59: How Do You Persuade Someone To Lend You Money For A Business?

And lastly, there are still a few spots available for my live seminar in New York City on August 24, and 25, 2019.
For more information https://nlptraining.com/words-that-change-minds/

Please let me know if you read the new edition of Words That Change Minds and what you thought of it.
And please leave a review of the book and the new audio on Amazon; reviews really help!