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What is the best advice you have ever received and how did you use it?

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My best advice was from my father who said: “There are only 2 things you cannot undo – once you have a baby, you have a baby and if you kill yourself, you are dead. On everything else you can change your mind, so carte blanche! Go forth and do what you need to do.”

His words have given me the courage to take risks – such as investing my time and money in new ventures such as libretta.com. And this has helped me change my mind when a new strategy was needed, such as when I had to get out of my marriage.

It would be great to share the best advice you have gotten. It will enrich all our lives. Just post it in a comment right here on my blog: www.theshelleblog.com or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shelle.rose.charvet


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“My mother always said “make your hobby your career”. As a kid I always had hobbies including all kinds of crafts. By the age of 13, I started collecting antiques and visiting historic house museums. Today, at age 54, I am Senior Curator of Dundurn National Historic Site and love every minute of my work. As well, every aspect of my life complements my work. There was never any doubt in my mind where I wanted to go in my career.”

Kenneth J. Heaman M.M. St.
Senior Curator,
Dundurn National Historic Site