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Which Words Change Customers’ Minds?

Your customers pay attention to how you attract and treat them.  If you do not understand what truly motivates them, they are likely to get their needs met elsewhere.  The “one size fits all” approach has become a sign of disrespect.  Demonstrating that you comprehend your customers is enormously profitable.  The risk of not doing so is enormously dangerous.

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Best and Worst Customer Service Day

As you may or may not be aware Shelle is in the air on her way to India to deliver a Words that Change Minds LAB Profile Practitioner training.  That in itself is incredible after the series of problems she encountered obtaining her Visa last week.

She would like to share an audio clip describing the best and worst customer service day ever.

Here’s what happened.

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Melody Lidstone
Marketing Manager, Success Strategies

The Customer is Bothering Me is here!


How to Change Attitudes, Improve Results and Grow Your Bottom Line

I’m so excited that it’s finally done. Find out more at

This book is based on my Words That Change Minds Power Principles:

Everything you do influences the emotional state of your customer. Everything you do determines what the customer believes about your company.

Shelle Rose Charvet

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