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It was a great opportunity in my life to spend 2 weeks with open-minded and kind colleagues. I learned real quality topics, with a great impact on our lives from the best trainer we could ever have.

— Gabriela Bondrea, Romania

The Customer is Bothering Me | Customer Service Techniques

customer is bothering me

How to Change Attitudes, Improve Results and Grow Your Bottom Line

by Shelle Rose Charvet

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Here’s what people are saying about Shelle’s book

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Customers today are hard to deal with. They are impatient, demanding, won’t do what you ask them to do, want special deals and something for nothing. And they’re volatile! Sales and service professionals are often hard-pressed to know what to do while the client vents his or her fury.

The Great Customer Attitude Shift has happened!

When issues remain unresolved, you stand to lose present and future business, not to mention the damage to your organization’s reputation that dissatisfied customers create in their wake.

This book is based on Shelle’s Words That Change Minds Power Principles:

Everything you do influences the emotional state of your customer. Everything you do determines what the customer believes about your company.

Shelle Rose Charvet

Why do people really do what they do?
What do you need to do now to avoid losing customers and your best staff?
How can you get your whole organization to understand and manage
what your customers feel and improve customer service?

What if you had a better way to deal with angry customers?

The Customer is Bothering Me will show you how to:

  • Decode how your customers actually think and make decisions
  • Find out the real reasons why organizations mismanage their customers’ experience
  • Create a Customer Philosophy that gets and keeps customers
  • Navigate The Great Customer Attitude Shift
  • Enable your customer service front-line to be ready to handle any customer
  • Learn why during customer service an apology is never enough
  • Deal with upset customers to create enduring loyalty
  • Discover the new rules for mass marketing and direct marketing
  • Implement customer service strategies that will have customers buy more sooner

Demonstrating you comprehend your customers is enormously profitable.
The risk of not doing this during customer service is hazardous to your corporate health.

What are the BIG three takeaways from the book?

  1. Create your Customer Service Philosophy to sell more
  2. Implement the best Customer Service Transaction Process
  3. Solve issues with the Upset Customer Process

Your knowledge about customer cues and ability to translate that for each audience is absolutely invaluable.

Eleanor Reynolds-Barrett Director, Client Strategies, RBC Insurance

More Highlights

  • Discover how your organization discourages customers
  • Find out the 4 factors that create The Great Customer Attitude Shift that is so hard to handle
  • Implement a customer service philosophy that all staff can follow to create customer loyalty
  • Use the Customer Tone Chart© to read and impact your customers’ emotions
  • Learn how to end every transaction in a way that will create positive associations and desire to return
  • Design customer service communications based on the hidden Motivation Triggers to attract more customers
  • Discover easy ways to customize your customer service processes to meet each customer’s below-conscious needs

The difference between a good and a great business is how you treat your customers. A lot of platitudes are used when organizations talk about customer service; this book provides a revolutionary approach and practical structure that will make it happen.

Robbie Steinhouse – CEO of Gray’s Inn Group

This is Shelle Rose Charvet’s much-anticipated second book after Words That Change Minds: Mastering the Language of Influence. An internationally-renowned expert on below-conscious communication, Shelle addresses groups, conducts learning programs and solves organizational problems in North America, Europe and Asia. She is a sought-after keynote speaker and media commentator on persuasion strategies.

Her blog on communication and influencing is available at

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The key thing that “Words that Change Minds” and now “The Customer is Bothering me” have given me is the ability to plug into the unconscious motivators of the client and to motivate them positively. My client group is not macho business folk – they are parents; most of whom want to be good parents but some of them have abused or neglected their children and caused them developmental problems. The inspiration from Shelle’s work has enabled me to make a real positive difference to these children and their families – something which I am sure Shelle never intended – but which she is entitled to feel very good about.

— John Turner, UK

Here at Hewlett Packard we talk about the total customer experience, as we want to delight our customers every day. This book is a constant reminder of just how poorly customers are being treated today and how we can obtain a competitive advantage by treating them well. I believe Shelle’s book will help you understand and communicate with your customers in a whole new way – and be more successful as a result.

— Brian Campkin, Director of Sales, Hewlett-Packard; Canada

Customers, existing or potential, often cannot articulate what they truly need and want. The Customer is Bothering Me uncovers the motivation patterns that drive customer behavior. This book is an excellent resource for anyone who can influence how customers experience your company and your products.

— Joanna Castellano, President, Quest Inc.; Canada

It’s fascinating how people who deal with emotional clients on a regular basis appreciate Shelle’s “upset customer process”. What doesn’t feel intuitive at first, truly is once you understand the motivations at play and the desired outcomes. It’s win-win for your staff and your clients.

— Jan MacVinnie, Manager, Canadian Cancer Society; Canada

The power of this book is that it answers the question “why don’t they get it?” from the point of view of both customers and service/product providers. In these times, leaders are struggling to find real help. We want more than simply admiring the problem or some “rah, rah” philosophy. We’re all looking for something practical that we can apply tomorrow with a difficult customer. Shelle, you have done just that. This book is usable, applicable and best of all — eminently practical. It works in the real world. I know what I’m giving my staff for Christmas.

— Jim Love, FCMC, CEO , Chelsea Consulting Group; Canada

Shelle’s book “The Customer is Bothering Me” provides a welcome shortcut to help with one of the most critical communication challenges in business; dealing with customers. It’s a perfect way to discover just how useful the LAB Profile is; it captures Shelle’s experience and delivers it in a practical and pragmatic framework that anyone can use.

— Martin Hill, VP Marketing, Lawson Enterprise Software; UK

This book tells corporate leaders how to revamp their customer service philosophies at every operational level. Shelle first contrasts typical customer philosophies, and how these philosophies influence the customer experience. With short case studies, sample dialog, scripts, tables, and templates, Shelle then teaches readers exactly how to respond to customer emotions, stay in rapport with the customer, ask the right questions, understand customer expectations, clarify what the customer wants, make amends, and create a positive image in the customer’s mind.As an author, business consultant, corporate trainer, and business owner, Shelle Rose Charvet is the consummate expert on business communication skills. The Customer is Bothering Me is an indispensible manual for customer service training.

— Dr. Judith E. Pearson, Writer, Speaker & Coach; USA

When it comes to customer service it’s easy to find books about the effect. Shelle Rose Charvet’s book is about the cause, the effect and the solution. It’s the whole picture and it will make you an expert.

— Nicholas Boothman, author – How to make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less; Canada

Shelle, the influencing tools you present, work. You use what you teach. You demonstrate how to reach rapport with people and give my group tools that help them deal with difficult people.

— Al Gonta, Director, Woodbridge Foam Corporation; USA

Your knowledge about customer cues and ability to translate that for each audience is absolutely invaluable.

— Eleanor Reynolds-Barrett, Director, Client Strategies, RBC Insurance, Canada

The difference between a good and a great business is how you treat your customers. A lot of platitudes are used when organizations talk about customer service; this book provides a revolutionary approach and practical structure that will make it happen.

— Robbie Steinhouse,CEO of Gray’s Inn Group, UK

As an expert in the field of public relations, I’ve helped many companies improve their public images, But one problem leaders can’t afford to overlook is the images they have with their customers. Shelle’s book reveals why customers get upset and what can be done about it.

— Dan Janal, President,; USA

This is a very remarkable book! In my own work I dealt with everything retail except people! You ,on the other hand, took on people, you took on the MOST IMPORTANT people in sales, THE CUSTOMERS! Shelle, I am very, very impressed, not only in your applying the LAB Profile to the customer interchange, but that you have done it so very well.
1. Your strategies are “right on the money” (literally!)
2. Your teaching examples are perfect!
3. Your use of a million little anecdotes to set the reader up for the next steps, in that they are interesting, and will beautifully resonate with the reader.
The book is friendly, nicely written, and communicates clearly and easily how to make sales in a way that both the salesperson and the customer can enjoy, no matter how tough/angry or stupid, the customer was when they came in.
A true breakthrough! Bless you for doing the research and putting your book out there for every salesperson who is wise enough to not only snap it up, but to put the ideas to work for themselves and their company.

— Bill Huckabee, Market Researcher, Ohio, USA

Having designed and delivered provincial customer service programs in a previous career life, I was interested to see how Shelle could take, what I perceive as a subject that’s been “done to death” and put a new spin on it. And that she did. By layering in her experience in learning, predicting and influencing behaviours, I definitely walked away with some new awareness about my own style and it’s applicability in working with others. Probably one of the biggest “a-ha” moments I had was this: we could ALL use customer service training. Although a lot of the examples in the book relate to groups that face external clients, there is typically, a big gap in how we treat internal customers. In this regard, any leader could benefit from reading this book and bring the practices into their teams. Depending on your interest level in the area of NLP, you may find the front end of the book a little “heavy” as it sets the stage for the later chapters. However, it did leave me thinking that tooling yourself up in neuro-linguistic programming isn’t a bad thing in a workplace where the ability to influence and persuade seem to be the most crucial core competency for any leader today.

— Glain Roberts-McCabe, Founder & President, The Executive Roundtable Inc.; United Kingdom



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