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An excellent two weeks spent nourishing both mind and spirit. Highly recommended!

— Bill Lewis, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Understanding & Triggering Motivation – Solve communication problems

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UTM6CDNew6 CD Program
By Shelle Rose Charvet

Edition: 6 CD
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Companion to the book Words That Change Minds

  • Have you ever met someone who gave you trouble no matter what you did?
  • Do you have to create an impact with words for large or small groups of people?
  • Would you like to shorten your sales cycle and make more sales?
  • Do you have to design products or services for diverse groups of people?
  • Do you want to avoid conflicts at work and at home?

Is There a Miracle Cure to Solve Communication Problems?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the magic button to do all that for you? Well I don’t have the miracle cure, but there is a tool that will help you do all of the above and more.

This comprehensive audio program is a live workshop, professionally edited, that introduces you to the Language and Behavior (LAB) Profile which will teach you to solve communication problems.

This psycho-metric tool will enable you to understand what motivates anyone, and know exactly what words to use to have an impact.

A common problem that many professionals face at work is how to get others to accept a proposal, whether in sales or working with your internal hierarchy. Many people don’t realize that by stating your case too definitively, you may actually be setting yourself up to be shot down. Often it is more effective to make a suggestion and invite the decision-makers to decide for themselves.

There is a world of difference between “This is the best option for you,” and “Here’s what I suggest for your situation.” The first is a statement of fact and implicitly issues a command to the listener, while the second is a suggestion to consider.

Language & Behavior; wouldn’t you like to know what it means when people use certain words and phrases?

You can predict someone’s behavior from the language they use and understand how situations affect the way people behave.

In this audio program you will discover:

The 6 Motivation Triggers for individuals and groups:

  • Doing vs. thinking;
  • Values;
  • Problem solving orientation vs. goal orientation;
  • Decides for self vs. external factors;
  • Creates alternatives vs. completing a process; and,
  • Frequency & type of change needed to be motivated.

The 8 Working Traits that describe internal processing:

  • Preference for the big picture vs. the details;
  • Notices voice tone and body language vs. focusing on the content;
  • Response to stress: stays in feelings vs. has choice about emotions vs. doesn’t become emotional;
  • Productivity: alone vs. in conjunction with others vs. all together;
  • Focus on people vs. focus on things;
  • Leadership Style: Rules for self and others;
  • Convincer Strategies; seeing vs. hearing vs. reading vs. doing
  • Closing the decision: skeptics vs. automatic decision makers vs. people who need repetition

Shelle, I wanted to mention that throughout the entire program you are extremely articulate. You do an amazing job at expressing ideas! One of the best presentations I’ve listened to. Great job! Once hearing the first couple of CDs, I started to realize that I was giving one of my programmers “pep talks” that would motivate a person like myself….not him. He is a very “away from”, procedural, internal and needs to work with people in order to be productive while I’m the opposite in most respects. I believe that with your information I will be able to help this individual become more productive by communicating with him on a level that is interesting to him.

– Josh Collins, Applications Engineer, Twin Falls, Idaho

The Understanding & Triggering Motivation program demonstrates how to:

  • Establish rapport & communicate effectively with anyone;
  • Dramatically improve results in negotiation;
  • Gain support for organizational change;
  • Shorten sales cycles & guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • Design powerful marketing & advertising campaigns;
  • Hire & manage motivated people;
  • Adapt training & education to diverse needs;
  • Simplify professional coaching & career counselling; and
  • Raise performance by managing peoples’ strengths instead of suffering from their weaknesses.

Discover Your Own Motivation Triggers

  • How do you trigger & maintain your interest in something?
  • What influences you at different times and places?
  • How can you be at your best?
  • What kind of work suits you best?

Use Questions to Uncover Motivation Triggers

  • Diagnose your clients’ needs from the language they use;
  • Market research at a glance;
  • Determine how to communicate change; and
  • Identify who’s best at what on your team.

Use the Influencing Language to Maximize Your Impact

  • Discover Words That Change Minds, and
  • Communicate with mixed groups

This is the kind of program many people listen to over and over again while driving to learn the patterns and how to apply them at work and at home. There are many examples of people and their patterns; you cannot fail to identify the triggers of everyone you know.

Edition: 6 CD
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New Low Price: $29.97 US (You save 70%)

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Shelle Rose Charvet is the international expert on influencing and persuasion; what motivates and demotivates people.  She travels worldwide to help companies and individuals solve communication problems.

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