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I love your sense of humor!

— Myrna Hammermade. USA

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Shelle Rose Charvet, Expert on Influencing & Persuasion
(CSP) Certified Speaking Professional
President, Success Strategies

Shelle Rose Charvet, Certified Speaking Professional, is known world-wide for her bestseller Words That Change Minds, now in a dozen languages (2 of which are French!). Her second book, The Customer is Bothering Me was featured in a CBC documentary Customer (Dis) Service shown around Canada and around the world on CNBC.

She was the 2009 president of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the founding president of the Canadian Association of Neuro-linguistic Programming.

Shelle is an expert in the below-conscious aspects of communication. She helps companies solve their most pressing persuasion problems; how to communicate with prospects and customers to meet their deep, unstated needs.

In 2010 Shelle founded a technology company with her husband and brother to imbed intelligent psychology into technology. Her company was a top ten finalist in the 2012 Lions’ Lair Innovation Competition for their revolutionary software Libretta®, which identifies what is motivating people when they write and which words to use or not use. Check out to find out more.

She is often invited by the media to comment on the election persuasion strategies of political parties. To see and hear her media interviews:

aboutusphotoShelle is bilingual in English and French, can get out of jail in Spanish and eat and drink in German (in the present tense). She has been described as “Einstein meets Lucille Ball.” Just look at her hair. Maybe they meant Phyllis Diller.

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Chilina Hills

Expert in Charisma and the Language of Leadership

chilina hillsChilina Hills helps leaders worldwide boost their charisma and their ability to inspire and motivate to get the results they really want.

She is a recognized expert in communication and influencing and has an extensive knowledge of cross cultural issues. She is the author of the best seller “Cultivez votre Charisme” (Cultivate your Charisma) Ed. d’Organisation, and is a renowned coach, trainer and keynote speaker with over 20 years’ experience in Europe, North America and the Middle East. She is a certified NLP Master Practitioner and a Certified Consultant/Trainer in the LAB Profile® .

“Charisma remains mysterious because it is mainly the result of what you generate in the other at a below-conscious level.”

Chilina Hills

Expert in the below-conscious impact of communication, Chilina is known for her work applying advanced NLP and LAB Profile® techniques together with the ancient Greek art of Dialectics to challenging leadership situations, such as high stakes presentations, tough negotiations, confrontation. She focuses mainly on developing her clients’ talent to:

  • Inspire and motivate
  • Convince
  • Break down resistance
  • Build trust
  • Generate commitment
  • Deflect hostility and turn it to their advantage

British and French, based in Canada, she operates worldwide.

Her clients include:

IATA (Canada, Switzerland, USA, Jordan), the CERN (Switzerland), l’Oréal (France), Michelin Tires (France, Hungary), Danone (France, Poland, Spain, USA), Crédit Suisse (Switzerland), Cadbury Schweppes (France, UK), American Invsco (USA), SANOFI Pasteur (Canada), HSBC Private Banking (Switzerland

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I just listened to your goal setting strategies in Wishing, Wanting and Achieving. As usual it was most helpful. Thanks for sharing it. My reason for writing you, is that I am so very impressed with you, for what you have designed (and are still designing) for the rest of us mere mortals. Keep up the good work.

— Bill Huckabee, Pennsylvania

Though I never met you or know you personally (only through sound and video clips), there’s something about what you do, beyond words or Meta Programs, that makes me feel supported and smart.

— Marc Levin, Trainer, Malaysia

Time well and worthy spent! Shelle, you are a wizard professionally and great as a person.

— Amnon, Tsvieli, Doctor, Israel

I thought this was excellent – it exceeded my expectations and has given me much to take away – both professionally and personally. Shelle, you state that your area of expertise is communication and influence – that is exactly what I have experienced. Stretching, rewarding and fun. Also a very good coaching team that was supportive and held the learning space extremely well.

— Mark Thompson, UK

Shelle, there are not yet words to describe how wonderful a teacher you are and how brilliantly you put the pieces together. It was not only two weeks learning, it is many months of learning!

— Tarja Teitto-Hasan, Finland

It would be easy to say great things about Shelle and the LAB Profile Consultant Trainer course, but I will leave you to find out for yourself. What I will say it that I have worked on addressing the legacy of violent conflict and on conflict resolution in N. Ireland, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and this past year in Gaza. I now know that had I had the skills required for the LAB Profile Consultant Trainer Certification prior to my work in these countries, my interventions would have been of greater benefit to those with whom I shared my experience. My analysis and thus understanding of individuals/groups through the use of LAB Profiling will enhance my conflict resolution interventions. I believe myself to be better resourced for my life’s purpose.

— Martin Snodden, Mediator, Ireland

It was brilliant – Thanks to Shelle and the coaches for creating such an exciting and fun learning environment!

— Ana Sanchez , UK

Amazing stuff — as in material, specifically the LAB Profile. Magnificent presenter — as in presence, force and energy. I know this would be good and it was better. I have had great teachers in my life. Some stand out as the cream of excellent teachers. Now Shelle is added to that list. I thank you.

— Anne Renew, CEO of INSAfrica, South Africa

Excellent – real stretch, real insights, practical application and fun. I feel so much more resourceful now. Thank you Shelle and coaches.

— Jenny Partridge, UK

Fantastic! The amazing discovery and journey on language that create a person’s destiny. Spread the LAB Profile around the GLOBE!

— MD Taib Mat, Consultant, Malaysia

An invaluable opportunity to revisit, reinforce and extend my understanding and more importantly, my use of the LAB Profile. Delightful to see Shelle working both in the group and individual advanced coaching. this made the profile into a much more practical and usable tool for me in a broader way that I had previously seen.

— Bob Janes, Director, Revell and Janes Ltd., France

Shelle’s presentation of the information is truly outstanding; providing processes, options and tools that are immediately useful in personal and professional situations to avoid conflicts, build strong working teams and better relationships with family, friends and associates. While the seminar provides a new and totally different way to determine how to communicates with others, you may see the processes as an evolutionary process of continual improvements in communications and relationships.

— Bob Harper, USA

Language is the powerful tool of influence in communication, and when it is used with integrity it is irresistible. I went on the LAB Profile course to learn new things about how people communicate. I am a lawyer practising law in Ireland. Lawyers a great communicators in court, in meetings and so forth, but we are not good communicators when it comes to communicating with our clients. I wanted to understand why we are such poor communicators with our clients, in the hope that I could pass my knowledge onto other lawyers. The LAB Profile course taught me everything I wanted to know and more. I strongly recommend the course to anybody who wants to be an irresistible communicator.

— Johnny Bourke, Lawyer, Ireland

Excellent program, really enjoyed being a participant. Very good and thorough training, excellent imbedding of skills; very practical. Shelle was great and inspirational. Thanks ever so much.

— Tineke Bosma, Trainer, UK

Shelle, you and the coaches have given me much, much more than I would thought in my wildest dreams. It is a practical, highly useful training and the best I have ever received in my life.

— Wim Thielemans, Belgium

Shelle, you are a fantastic trainer. Your ability to structure a learning experience is tremendous — but even more impressive is your ability to spot what is going on for each individual in the room. Awesome. My relationship with the English language is altered forever.

— Anna McQuaid, Executive Coach & Corporate Consultant, UK

I very much enjoy working with you, Shelle. You are energetic, practical, positive and results-oriented. The influencing tools you present, work. My people enjoy your relaxed approach. You use what you teach. You demonstrate how to reach rapport with people and give my group tools that help them deal with difficult situations.

— Al Gonta Director, The Woodbridge Group, USA

I really enjoyed Shelle’s training. An incredibly useful tool, very concrete and which you can use at work in everyday life right after the training. As a trainer, I will use it to increase the efficiency of my courses and also for interviews.As a mother, I will definitely use it to improve my relations with my teenage daughters. I also got so much energy from the training! Shelle is amazing! I would highly recommend it. Thanks again to Shelle!

— Aurelie de Baudus, Human Resources & Communication Teacher; Head of Studies, France

The program is well planned; it covered the right things in the right depth. Shelle is the best trainer I have worked with; there is no one like her in or outside of the NLP field. Shelle, you cover your topic with competency, humour and grace.

— Fabrizio Pirovano, Italy

I got so many hints, tips, bits of advice, brilliant presentation skills that I acquired formally and informally in the course, from yourself, your assistants and other participants, that when I’m in the training room I keep getting flashbacks and little light bulbs going in my head – lots of ‘aha! That’s what she’s playing at moments, and I find the tools to quickly respond to the situation. These bits of inspiration were ‘filed’ somewhere in my unconscious from the days of the training programme.

— Ana Snchez, UK

Shelle, you are awesome! Your clarity, energy, generosity, humour. knowledge and experience of the patterns and life/business in general is fabulous!

— Merilyn Parker, UK

I’ve trained with many trainers here and in North America, and nobody seems to know their subject as deeply as Shelle knows hers.

— John Cliff, Communication Consultant, United Kingdom

Shelle was an expert, authentic, generous, perceptive and engaging!

— Anneli Blundell, Director of Beyond Coaching,Australia

Thanks, Shelle. It is wonderful to see a master at work – I learned so much from just watching you. The coaching support was excellent.

— Gill Best, UK

I love your sense of humor!

— Myrna Hammermade. USA

Shelle’s humor and open style made learning the material easy. I really enjoyed her examples.

— Christina Bachini, U.K.

I consider Shelle to be a genius in how to motivate people using language. Unlike traditional motivational speakers who only appeal to a narrow, ‘approved’ band of human motivation, Shelle incorporates it all.

— Jay Arthur, Denver, U.S.A.

Shelle is really funny, motivating and inspirational. One Headteacher remarked this was exactly what she needed to help work with staff, parents and children more effectively to help raise standards. It gave her a whole new understanding, as well as the skills to develop positivity and resilience in her children, her staff and herself.

— Helen Walker, Newcastle City Council, Children’s Services

Shelle was just brilliant at our conference. The feedback was universally full of praise for her sessions and she’s a great personality. We so enjoyed having her with us.

— Pat Sedgley, The OCM, UK

Thank you so much for your very enlightening and entertaining training. It all made so much sense and I enjoyed your style and your humour. I have already started to look at my future projects and can see how I can incorporate LAB Profiling into my work and my business. You have yet another fan …

— Janet Woodjetts, Corti Coaching and Training Solutions, United Kingdom

It was a life-changing experience for me to meet Shelle at Bangalore and to interact with her. She has inspired me to work harder on my goals and also not to take myself too seriously and get on with life.

— Rajan MP, Bangalore, India

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